Team of Thrones 

A unique corporate team building event inspired by the filming of medieval TV show Game of Thrones® on Castle Ward demesne in Northern Ireland.

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives" (Ned Stark)


Did you know that Castle Ward's sprawling demesne in Northern Ireland was used extensively for filming the HBO epic medieval drama Game of Thrones®?

Inspired by the filming of the drama onsite, Team of Thrones is a unique and fun team building Northern Ireland event that is sure to test your departments’ creativity skills as teams script, direct, film and act ‘on location’ to create their very own Game of Thrones® movie clip.

What’s more participants don’t even need to have watched the show or be fans, as participants can view short video clips on the event day itself, and they are then tasked with recreating the scene and adding their own twist!

Your department will be split into competing teams and adopt a Game of Thrones® Family name - Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, Grey Joys, Tyrells, Targaryens etc.

Next each team will be issued with a ‘Westeros Sack’ which includes the following items:

iPad & Video Camera – there will be a number of key Game of Thrones® video clip scenes accessible on each teams iPad which they can use as reference for the day. Also using video cameras teams will have to record their own version of these key scenes while also adding their own story line to them.

Filming Props – Each team will be issued with a clapper board and a number of Game of Thrones® themed props such as the ‘Hounds Helm’, Character Whigs, Ned Stark costumes, Jon Snow costumes, medieval cloaks, and swords & shields.

Roadbook – a document detailing the team building challenge, filming locations map, constraints and scoring criteria.

Teams will use a number of key filming locations across the Castle Ward demesne – Winterfell Castle, Audleys Castle, Audleys Point, Castle Ward bay and so on.

Once the teams have then filmed their scenes they will do a basic edit of their footage to create their very own movie clip, our expert film technicians will be on hand on the day to guide each team and help with any technical difficulties.

Time management, delegation and precise communication will be required as teams plan their production as well as allocating team roles such as Action Man, Director, Make-up Artist, Camera-Man and the all important Leading Lady…

Each teams film will be judged at the end of the day and the winning team will be crowned 'Kings of the Seven Kingdoms'!

Team Building Northern Ireland Event Duration: 3.5/4 hours

SUGGESTED COMBO - Combine this event with a Medieval Banquet

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